SD134 Vertical Lift

SD134 Vertical Lift

The SD134 vertical platform is a wheel chair lift that offers safe and reliable operation for anyone running it.  This specific vertical lift is constructed to work both indoor and outdoor in all types of weather. This lift is a safe, simple and cost effective accessibility solution for any of your needs.

This vertical lift can easily transport guests up and down short vertical distances. This would be perfect for improving any accessibility needs out or inside a commercial building, helping you get onto a stage, or into a gym.

Our wheelchair lifts help people overcome any obstacles entering your building and help provide access for the physically challenged. ARC Elevator Inc. offers you wheelchair lifts that are cost –effective and comply with the (TSSA) approval. 

We have vertical lifts that can be installed outdoors and indoors, and that come either fully enclosed or open style. Here at ARC Elevator Inc. we provide several models to choose from, depending on the size and entering / exiting you would like.  We will design any lift to accommodate your building.