The Limited Use / Limited Application (LULA) elevator is designed to bridge the gap between expensive conventional passenger elevators and vertical platform lifts that are restrictive in use as a result of key control and travel limitation.

Our hydraulic drive designed LU/LA elevator provides a quiet and smooth running elevator. Utilizing proven commercial elevator components that are tested and certified to the most stringent requirements you are guaranteed to have the commercial passenger elevator that is only limited in its use and application but not in features or reliability.

With minimal hoistway and machine room space, shallow pit depth, reduced overhead clearance and operating on a single or multiple three phase power supplies you will save on construction cost thereby making this elevator a perfect, cost-effective solution for small public buildings like medical offices, churches, schools, lodges, restaurants, nursing homes and others whether it be remodeling or new construction.

LuLa Elevator Standard Features

  • 1:2 Cable or Direct Hydraulic Drive
  • 84” (2134 mm) High Stainless Steel Modular Birdcage Car Frame
  • Stainless Steel Car Returns
  • 84” (2134 mm) Stainless Steel 2 Speed Car Door With Full Height Multi Beam Light Screen
  • Platform Size 42”(1067 mm) x 60”(1524 mm) or 48”(1219 mm) x 54” (1372mm)
  • Plastic Laminate Hang on Panels
  • Battery Powered Emergency Car Lighting and Alarm
  • Overspeed Governor Device
  • Stainless Steel Telephone Cabinet with Telephone
  • Car Directional Indicator with Arrival Gong
  • Car Travel Lantern
  • Car Position Indicator
  • Amitico tm Non-Skid Rubber Flooring

Details and Options

  • Glass Car and Glass Doors
  • Custom Car Sizes
  • Custom Bronze or Stainless Steel Finishes