Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), ARC Elevator Inc. specializes in the sale, installation, and service of quality residential and low-rise commercial elevators in Canada. Our company offers a wide variety of products ranging from luxury home elevators to commercial LU/LA elevators, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts. ARC Elevator Inc. works exclusively in conjunction with Custom Elevator Manufacturing Co. Inc. for the mechanical equipment component and will custom manufacture your architectural products in our Oshawa, Ontario facility.

With having a combined 115 years of experience and thousands of installations across North America, ARC Elevator raises the bar for commercial, residential, and accessibility elevators. Whether you need a single elevator or multiple elevators, we can help!

Our Residential elevators make it easy for anyone to access all the levels of their home. When looking at our wheelchair lifts they’re designed to transport guests up and down short vertical distances. Our commercial elevator products include dumbwaiters and LU/LA elevators.


Custom Designed Interiors
Custom Designed Interiors

Vandal Resistant Solutions
Custom Solutions For Your Home!

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Private Residence Toronto
Private Residence

Coming Soon!  The London Phone Box Project! 

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